The Golfe Week 2001

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Poster. “La Semaine du Golfe” is an exceptional event taking place in a unique environment. Every second year and for 7 days, the most beautiful  boats in Europe, from the three-masted 40 meters long yachts, to the small  3 meters dinghy, together sail on the “small sea.” (Mor bihan).
The promoters of this event entrusted me into the creation of its first ever poster. 20 years on, and I am still in charge of this noble task.
The main character in this image is what Bretons call “une ale”- the pier -, a solid link between sea and land, essential for people of the sea.
I have never processed the furtive destruction of “la cale” on Port-Navalo’s,  beach, a covert decision taken by the mayor of this village, under pretext of aged structure and dislodged stones. It had the same effect as cutting one of my mother’s limbs.

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