Framed digital prints

Summarizing in a few clicks a little more than forty years of painting, exhibitions and publishing, nourished by so many adventurous wanderings, is a challenge. The restitution of a life of creation deserves more space and time. Gildas Flahault, a must-see contemporary Breton “image artist”, has selected around a hundred of his works to offer them to you in the form of framed digital reproductions. Considerable progress in the field of digital printing techniques guarantees the painting enthusiast the faithful reproduction of a work, both in the restitution of the material and in the accuracy of the colors. Protected from ultraviolet radiation, these colors will not lose their shine over time. A few days separate your order and the reception of the framed print. Fans of Gildas Flahault‘s paintings regularly consult this site on which they regularly discover new works.

High-quality art prints

A team specialized in printing, experienced in image processing, which relies on a perfectly calibrated graphic chain and composed of the latest hardware and software. Lamination, assembly, framing, packaging until shipment are tasks carried out with the greatest care for which we pay attention at all times.